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Our Rates:


Aircraft Rental: 


Cessna 172M N12KB: $115/ hr.


       Flight Instruction: $30/ hr.



Thanks for choosing us! If you want to learn to fly, then you have found the right flight school. We are probably the most affordable flight school in our area. Below is a basic overview of the requirements for flight training and a little information about us. Above are some photos taken from actual training flights and our training aircraft. 


Our airplane is a Cessna 172, and it rents for $115 /hour. Fuel is included in this price. Our aircraft is equipped with modern avionics. It is installed with a Garmin 530 GPS and a Garmin G5 Primary flight display (PFD). Our flight instruction is $30 /hour. Our rates are much more competitive than larger flight schools. We believe in giving quality flight instruction while keeping things affordable!


We offer a one-time Discovery Flight which is an introduction to flying. It is $75, and it consists of a pre-flight ground lesson and a half-hour flight lesson. You will be able to log this time towards your flight training. We recommend this to all our new students as an excellent way to get a feel for what it is like to fly. Contact us above or call to schedule a discovery flight.


Second, to our low rates, another benefit of learning to fly at Mount Airy Airport that most people don't realize is that we are a small quiet airport that is not controlled by Air Traffic Control. The reason this is a benefit is that unlike flight schools at larger, busier airports, at Mount Airy, we can hop in the plane and be taking off in as little as 10 minutes. This maximizes flight time learning to fly the plane. This helps save a lot since there is very little time spent on the ground taxing to the runway and waiting to take off. 


Below are the requirements to be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate. The FAA requires that the applicant:


  • Be 16 years old to solo and 17 years old to be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate.

  • Provide proof of US citizenship or complete the required paperwork for a non-US citizen.

  • Log a minimum of 40 flight hours flight time. The 40 hours must consist of:

    • 20 hours of flight instruction

    • Minimum of 10 hours of solo flight

    • 5 Hours of Cross Country Flight Training

    • Minimum 5 Hours of Solo Cross Country Flight Time.

    • 1 Long Solo Cross Country Flight minimum of 150 NM total length

    • 1 Nigh Cross Country

    • 10 Nighttime Takeoffs and Landings.

    • 3 Take Offs and Landings at Controlled Airport.

  • Pass an FAA 3rd Class Medical. Once issued an FAA Medical, a student or pilot is applicable to fly under the new FAA Basic Med. Click here more more information on FAA Basic Med. 



The 40 hours will vary from person to person based on how fast you pick up on flying and how frequently you take lessons.The average person takes between 45-60 hours.  We recommend flying at least twice a week to complete training as close to the 40 hours as possible.


Also, there are a few other requirements to complete before becoming a certified pilot. There is a written knowledge test that is required to be taken. It is a 60 question multiple choice exam, and it cost $100-$175 dollars. The last test taken is what we in the industry call a check ride. This is a two-part test. The first part consists of an oral exam where the applicant is quizzed in an interview-like fashion on their knowledge about anything related to aviation and flying. The second part is a practical flying test where the applicant flys with the examiner and demonstrate their flying skills and competency. The check ride cost on average $450-$500.


There are various methods to study for the written test and check ride oral. Most of our students take study at home courses as there are books and materials that can be purchased to study alongside the flight training. Self-Study isn't a good option, one on one ground instruction can be scheduled with one of our instructors.


All said and done, we estimate based on our previous flight students that one can expect to budget approximately $7,000-$8,000 for everything. We hope this information is helpful. Please contact us with any other questions or to schedule a visit with a flight instructor or discovery flight!


Blue skies,


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